Non Executive Directorships

  • John Lynch Managing Director of Management Consulting Connect Ltd. is ideally placed to act as Non-Executive Director (NED) .He has over 30 years’ experience as Chairman, Director or Managing Director in many successful companies throughout Europe, Africa and USA.

    He has contributed to the key elements for a successful NED including business strategy, management performance, risk assessment and people appointments & standard of conduct.

    He developed and implemented strategies that determined the growth of the company from a single JV operation to 32 operations covering manufacturing & sales operations stretching across Europe, Turkey, Africa, Middle East and USA. Under his direction he implemented many from ‘scratch ‘ start-ups in Ireland, Turkey, Italy ,Spain and many parts of Africa .He also directed many acquired ailing businesses through game-changing turnarounds in locations such as Portugal & France .

    Arising from his strong HR background (Fellow member of Institute of Personnel & Development) he scrutinised, in conjunction with other Board members, the performance of Managers and made changes as required by the business needs. These changes at all levels of management were always made without resort to third party interventions.

    Risk management systems and control were overseen by John Lynch throughout the European operations either from ‘scratch’ in new operations or with much stricter risk controls in acquired businesses.

    The appointment and recruitment of resources was always done under the direction of john Lynch in the 32 operations in Europe, Africa and USA .His success in motivating is recognised by the many testimonials linked to his LinkedIn profile.

    Management Consulting Connect has connections with many other NEDs depending on the needs of clients.