Management Consulting Services

  • Management Consulting Connect provides a range of services to help organisations to improve performance primarily through the analysis of existing problems and the development and implementation of plans for improvement. The company gains access to specialised and experienced practitioners to help in many ways including , cost saving programmes, pricing policies to maximise profits, buying improvements , marketing strategies and new markets , strategy development ,divesting all or part of a business , buying and identifying acquisition targets ,operational improvements & many more areas.

    John Lynch ,Managing Director, of Management Consulting Connect has all of the skills spanning over 30 years general management experience throughout EMEA ,Turkey and USA to undertake such assignments .Our connections also have the experience to undertake assignments if required.

    Our skills in consultancy cover assignments not only to provide ‘quick fixes ‘but to mastermind company reinventions across a broad spectrum of businesses. Our solutions safeguard the company leaving the organisation and people firmly grounded for sustainable growth or cost reductions depending on the assignment. The assignment ensures at the outset that the objective is agreed with all stakeholders so that accountability is assigned and reported throughout the consultancy.

    Successful assignments undertaken to date included a strategic review of a manufacturing business resulting in divesting the business above price expectations and after potential buyers around the world were researched by us and identified. The full sales process including the final sales agreement was undertaken. Other assignments include head-hunting financial controllers for Russia, China & Ireland .A review of pricing policies in one assignment resulted in a high 6 figure Euro improvement in profit. A project on purchasing resulted in a significant improvement in savings. Another project included global research to identify the strengths & weaknesses of competitors.

    In Management Consulting Connect we do not use ‘buzzword’ in reports which are often associated with the larger consultancy companies. We concentrate on ‘getting the assigned job done in line with the objectives agreed by the stakeholders’. Our consultants ensure they leave a strong legacy as they understand future work replies on their achievements.