Interim Management

  • Interim management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills to an organisation. Management Consulting Connect has the resources to provide such a service quickly and efficiently. The service can be provided by the Managing Director John Lynch of Management consulting connect or by many of his connections.

    Interim management works ideally for short term assignments to provide proven heavyweight executive to manage a transition period, crisis or change within an organisation. In this situation a permanent role may be unnecessary or filling the role may be impossible to find at short notice. Often there may not be a person internally suitable or available to take up the role. Often companies use the interim manager to get a clear objective picture of what the role entails before filling it. The interim manager is seen by many to be more objective in an organisation. Interim managers supplied by Management Consultant Connect are often ‘over-qualified’ in order to bring experience & skills quickly to the organisation. Rather than taking on only an advisory role, our interim managers, take on accountability to manage a project in its own right. They expect to be hold accountable for it.

    The appointment of an interim manager is numerous. He or she must be able to ‘hit the ground running’ & hold the respect of all stakeholders. Our interim managers can be in place quickly. Characteristics such as adaptability, resilience, diplomacy, flexibility and independence are but a few of the characteristics of a great interim manager. Pursuing then ends of the client is key to success. Interestingly we have found that interim managers are often much more focused that ‘employed’ managers as they are more focused only on the stakeholders agreed objectives .Our interim managers are unencumbered by historical practices and bring a fresh perspective and concentrate on ‘what’s best for the business’.

    Interim managers, supplied through Management Consultant Connect, are ‘fixers’. The return on investment with our interim manager is based on deliverable results and not only simply on attendance. The skills used add value to help and deliver an outcome, solution, service or mitigate risk that provide a measurable return to the client. Unlike a ‘temp’ who are just there ‘to hold the fort’, our interim managers actively add value arising from their experience even when assignments are difficult.

    Our interim managers ensure that they leave a strong legacy, upskilling and coaching in place to continue long after the assignment ends. We endeavour not only to fix a problem but to act, in every way, as an independent consultant for the stakeholders. Our Interim managers maintain a very high professional level because their future work relies on the success of the assignment.